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2016年 Winter Story Time   無事終了しました。

Dear Santa -Slide show

Snowman Fukuwarai

Santa, what are you going to wear?
A Day in a Life of Santa-Slide show

Santa Song, Christmas in Canada by Michi-sensei
Dear Santa Craft time

2015 Winter Story Timeは、無事に終了しました。




My name is Paul Evans, I am an American, and I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. For several years after high school I traveled and lived in a variety of places across the United States. In my early 20s I decided to try traveling abroad, and since then have explored and/or lived in various places in South America, Europe, Canada, and several Asian countries. I met my wife Chisako in graduate school in Vermont (USA), and first came to Japan with her in 1990. In Japan together we have lived in Kyoto, Hokkaido, Kochi, and for one brief year in Okayama. I teach English and a variety of other subjects at several universities here. I enjoy the challenges of teaching, and in my free time putter with carpentry, gardening, computers, and cooking.